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Mission: Texas ReachOut Ministries (TROM) work with Christian ex-offenders as they transition by providing short-term housing, reconciliation, teaching job skills, and assistances with job placement.

Description: Texas ReachOut Ministries (TROM) is a ministry providing mentorship, Bible study, and transitional housing for Christian ex-offenders. Additional services include job placement and teaching life skills to male and female residents. Referrals to a community church is given to provide support when the individuals leave the program. Who we are & who we serve Founded by David and Margie Peña in 2001, Texas Reach Out Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization specializing in transitional housing for those released from prison and those who are homeless as a result of unsuccessful intergration into society after an extended prison stay. Reach Out Ministries serves only those men and women who have made a serious commitment to change their life course and a conscious decision for christ. Residents apply for housing through a written application process, and many are referred by prison chaplains, pastors, and lay ministers. Each house becomes home to six or seven residents. By applying biblical truths to address real-life challenges, residents learn to address their problems through the development of disciplined relationships with mentors. To keep themselves from falling back into old patterns, residents attend two structured meetings weekly on topics such as Life Application Bibles Studies, Life Skills Management, Improving Communication Skills, Job Readiness Training, and Problem Solving. All residents are required to attend a church of their choice weekly. In rebuilding their self-esteem, volunteers from Reach Out Ministries actively seek employers to hire residents, giving the means for a future of self-sufficiency.

Needs: Volunteer needs include both male and female mentors, Bible Study leaders or substitutes, clerical and yard maintenance volunteers. Resources needed include houses, office space, computers, clothing, and monetary donations. Reach Out Ministries is made up of a community of volunteers who have a heart for those who have turned from the old life of sin to a new life filled with the hope of Christ. *Financial support Commitments and support in any amount are appreciated and make a difference in each resident's new life in Christ. A commitment of $250 per month sponsors a new resident. With a one year commitment, you can help us manage the ongoing costs of maintaining existing homes and starting new ones.

Texas ReachOut Ministries (TROM)

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