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Mission: The School of Pottery is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, teens, families, and their communities through the language of the arts enabling them to reach their full potential. Through the financial support of others the School of Pottery is able to offer classes to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Our operational structure consists of the outreach art school, an artist studio, gallery, store, ecommerce store, and a church chapel. Chapel services take place in the schools studio space much like many modern celebratory contemporary interdenominational Christian services.

Description: The School of Pottery is first an outreach to the less fortunate to give back to the community through visual, fine, and performing arts through arts in education. Providing full scholarships for youth, troubled youth, at risk youth, special needs youth, and the less fortunate. We communicate through the language of art and through acts of service and love demonstrating the character and nature of Jesus Christ we give back to our community.


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