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Mission: To be a poof provider of the resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST every where.

Description: To be a poof provider of the resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST every where, and to raise men and women who are not going to settle for anything less than the best of God for their lives. People of God, the days of miracles are not over. Miracles are for today. As long as the Word of God is being preached, by anointed men and women of God, the Holy Spirit will never fail to back the word preached up with signs following. Mark 16:20

Needs: Needs: Praise Healing and We need people who want to learn about these areas so they can be available to help * Music & Video Ministry ~ Music and video team * Secretarial Assistance Ministry ~ answering the phones and emails, folding newsletters, data entry etc. * Chair Ministry ~ setting up chairs in the fellowship hall for Miracle Revival service * Greeters ~ greet people at the door and welcome visitors * Ushers ~ welcome people as they enter the service, hand out bulletins and welcome packets, take offering, etc.

Praise Healing & deliverance Ministries

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