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Mission: Missions Media produces free professional quality custom videos for missionaries to help expedite their time and promote their ministry.

Description: Missions Media offers studio videography in which missionaries trying to raise support pledges can tell their story on tape in front of a greenscreen. Through post-production editing, we fill in behind them with relative footage that depicts their ministry and/or the setting/country they minister in. The final product is a custom video, about 90 seconds in length in both high resolution for auditorium projection, and low resolution for internet streaming. As God provides the funding, we provide our services free of costs to approved missionaries. In addition, we would like to be able to provide each missionary with 200 recorded DVD's in stamped envelopes to mail out to potential supporters. Ministry Needs: Blank DVD's; studio equipment; Land and/or building for a videography studio.

Needs: We are staffed entirely by volunteers. All donated finances go to equipment, consumable supplies (such as blankd DVD's, postage), etc.

Missions Media

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