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Mission: Christian Business Network (CBN) is a non-denom., non-profit forum for Christian business people to meet one another so we can develop and grow as Christians in business.

Description: Christian Business Network's goals include connecting believers through faith in Jesus Christ, strengthening Christian businesses into Kingdom businesses built upon Biblical principles, teaching principles of transforming our world through our work, linking Christians together to pray for their businesses, working together to develop business success through referrals, and helping Christians form Marketplace Coalitions with area ministries. Christian Business Network scripturally-based purposes are to glorify God in our work, to support Christians in business, to promote marketplace integrity, to learn from other Christians, to encourage Godly fervor at work and elsewhere, and to build Christian friendships. See the ABOUT US page on our website for the scriptures paired with these purposes.

Needs: Prayer, Leaders for CBN Teams in your area

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To build a bridge of hope, encouraging one another to grow in our love and faith with God and each other through programming that impacts, informs and inspires.

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