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Mission: Target:Dedicated to reaching out to the still suffering drug addicts,alcoholics, and homeless individuals. Goal:Restore these individuals back to their families.

Description: Vision:To plant churches in the inner cities to continue on with the Good News of the Gospel. Dream:One million drug addicts restored. Austin Restoration Ministries is a facility where we take in individuals who have a history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as any life controlling ailment. Men, women, and children come in our homes daily seeking for a cure to help their sickness. When they come into the homes they come in with no hope, no clothes, no food, no money, and no identity. The homes that we provide for them is free of charge and last’s up to nine months to a year. We provide them with food ,clothes, and one on one spiritual guidance. Everyone in the home from the Pastor all the way down to the directors were once ill from the use of drugs and alcohol, but have been healed and delivered from drugs and now have become part of the vision by helping others who are suffering from the same poison that tried to kill them.

Needs: fold up chairs, homes,a bigger building for worship and service

Austin Restoration Ministries (ARM)

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