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Mission: Annunciation Maternity Home is a ministry for young women in crisis pregnancies. They offer mothers housing, counseling, education, job assistance, and spiritual development.

Description: Annunciation Maternity Home is a free, full service home for young women (age 14 and up) who are in crisis pregnancies. We offer long-term care that begins when the resident arrives and ends only when she and her baby have a safe environment in which to return. The home is staffed by caring professionals who are advised by an knowledgeable and caring board of directors. We make no religious demands on those who come to us for help. We serve the needs of teens and homeless women experiencing crisis pregnancies. The need for safe housing in a loving, nurturing environment is crucial to someone who is struggling with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Teen pregnancies and homelessness go hand in hand: Various school districts in Texas report that over 60% of teens who become pregnant experience homelessness at least once during their pregnancy. Sometimes housing is needed for the entire pregnancy, and sometimes just for a "cooling off"period for the parents or guardians. Either way, we can help. We also help with other needs relating to unplanned pregnancy, such as education, medical care, life skills, counseling, and job assistance. We have also found that if given these opportunities to lead a productive life, young women are less likely to turn to an abortion as a solution to their crisis. Annunciation Home empowers them with self esteem and hope for their future and their baby's future.

Needs: We have various volunteer opportunities such as: transportation, office assistance, mentoring, babysitting, life skills, maintenance, garage sale and daycare.

Annunciation Maternity Home

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